Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not an actual blog, sorry

I know I promised a rant-blog, but I don't really care about that anymore. I've actually been writing quite a bit lately, but its all just words and images that have been bubbling and boiling in my head for a long time and finally have the room to spill out on the page. This is the most recent.

The room was very dark

The boy was fast asleep

He can’t be dreaming, he gave it up

It doesn’t interest him anymore

Still as a log

Floating on a sedated river

Unknowingly dreading the sunshine moments


said a voice

right above his young, stoic face

“I’ve come back for you”

The boy’s eyes flew open

A flock of frightened birds

Taking off into the sky

Without maps or compasses

Which they leave below

Air fell like water into his lungs

Crashing into the rocks,

the Wreckage of his heart.

The muscles of his throat

Dancers in the wings

Sprang into action, warming at an instant

Ready to scream

But out came a tumbling laugh

A twinkling giggle of relief

For the bright yellow eyes that glowed above him

Were the most familiar thing in the room,

Everything else formed into a sad blur

And he waved them away with a tired hand

Every time his dusty eyes summoned the energy

To perceive them.

Joyful, intoxicated fairies

Black out drunk from weeks of forgetting

Rolled out of their beds

And tumbled down his cheeks

Singing and laughing

Meeting in their secret hiding place

At the corners of his lips

(A place I’ve been to once

And have been dreaming about ever since)

“I remember you”

said the boy

“You made me cry as a child

When you visited me in my dreams

I could never forget those eyes

I thought I would never grow up

And you would haunt me forever”

The eyes above him chuckled

Blowing out a thick mist

Of cigarette fog

With a practiced motion

The dull yellow light

Lit up the boy’s face

In a peculiar way

Tangles of wrinkles

Rivers of sadness

Death and decay

Flowed through his beautiful skin

And his eyes looked like lost moons

Floating through an empty galaxy

Looking for a planet to adore

“I’m a hostage”

said the boy

to the Monster

“Of a Dirty Queen

She keeps me in this rat-infested cage

With endless mazes made of concrete

I get lost every night

Until I see the blinking neon lights

Above my room

Where I hide from the thieves

And prostitutes

And drink myself to a lonely sleep.

My only relief is the arms of a gentle woman

Her cage is small and steamy

But it provides some warmth

When the nights are cold.

Once in a while the Queen reveals herself

She slinks out of the shadows,

A homeless man

A bag of trash

She could be the sounds in the sewers

Whispering watery secrets,

She is beautiful, she reeks

She is nothing but filth and lies

But I would give up my soul

To touch her

And when she opens the door

She says I can go whenever I please

But I can’t see what lies beyond

And I’ve forgotten the way home”

The Monster sat back in his chair

And blew out a thoughtful fog

A chimney for the fires of chaos

Just below the surface

The yellow eyes smiled at the boy

They remembered the nights

When they paraded along the streets

Of the boy’s mind as he slept

Setting small fires that now

Were healthy and raging

Turning the withered, dried forests

Of his dreams

Once so lush and green

Into smoldering dust.

He looked at his child

With tear stains on his face

A love so near to hate

That it almost burst through his skin

“My dear child”

his voice came out like gravel and metal

“I am your only friend

In this stinking, icy cage

Only I have seen your face

Without wrinkle or the telling signs

Of stolen innocence

Stick with me

And I’ll show you the way out


Keep me well-fed

And never let me grow cold

And I will never leave you

Together we’ll find our Home”

He threw back the blankets

And crawled into the bed next to his favorite


The boy cried out

The feet of his only friend

Were cold as eyes

But he let the Monster encircle him

With strong, tree-trunk arms

He slept as he wept

Not dreaming of the green things

Only of fire

And concrete

*A note to this boy

Songs from across the sea call to me now

While you were chasing the phantoms

And throwing yourself upon any dream

That floated by

You grew blind to my eyes

And deaf to my touch

Now as I rock and sway in the bowels of this ship

Without even a window to know the time of day

Or a compass to know my direction

I feel your salty tears

Rise up from below the creaking floor

From the sympathetic ocean

Our sadness is the same

Under your bed

That the Monster has claimed

That the Queen has provided

That your woman enjoys

Is a bright, shining sword

And a suit of armor

Given to you by the King

Of your forgotten life

For wrestling the demons

That plagued the forest

And kept the children inside

While the flowers danced alone

In the sun

And the trees called their names

Driving them mad

A hero from the old times

The knight of your old songs

A treasure of a nation

Ripe with apple trees

And singing maids

Build up your strength

Find your courage

Look under your bed

And take up the arms

Wage the wars, or they will be waged

Against you

Break down the prison gates

And murder the Queen

The one that you love

And follow me into the Sea

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